• Remote Control Head Transceiver,
  • 1.6 to 30Mhz
  • 499 Channels
  • Receive in steps of 1Hz up to 10Mhz over full range
  • Clarifier in steps of 1Hz, +/- 1Khz from channel
  • 125w PEP, 25w on low power
  • Scanning
  • Selcall
  • Direct Dial Telephone
  • GPS Interface
  • Paging facility
  • 910 Autotune Antenna
The 950 has now been reprogrammed to cover the HF Amateur bands (160m - 10m) in addition to VKS737, RFDS & Radtel. The Amateur bands have been setup at 5kHz steps. Unfortunately, not the full range of frequencies of each band are covered due to the limitation of only 499 channels available, but is better than nothing.

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