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A dipole antenna kit for portable use from The Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group.

There is an Ozi-pole forum at
Well I finally got around to assembling my Ozi-pole antenna. It probably took a couple of hours to put together. I triple checked the number of turns for each coil. Hot glue was used to stop the coils from moving. It was all straight forward, but the proof will be when I test it. This will be done as soon as possible.
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I have now tested the antenna very quickly, and just by adjusting the tips to the recommended length, the SWR was <1.5:1 on 40m and 20m, with the antenna sitting just outside the garage (metal) and only 2m above the ground. A good start. Further testing will be done at a later time, when I can setup in a clear location. The signals received also compared very well with my vertical up on the garage roof. It looks like this antenna is a viable proposition for portable work.
I am also building the 80m add on kit, but that will be for another day.
The photos were taken during construction, and a photo of the tripod I intend to mount it on. The tripod was purchased some time ago, and originally came with floodlights.
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I have changed the bracket on the top of the tripod, as the original bracket was too thin and the mast swayed quite a bit. The new bracket, while thicker, still has a little movement, but is much better, I also changed the mast from all plastic, to aluminium at the bottom and plastic at the top. These 2 parts slide one inside the other, so also pack up smaller.
The 80m coils are now finished and just need to be tested. 260 turns which were counted several times to be sure. Once again, a bit of hot glue to keep the windings in place.

I have now tested the 80m coils and they work fine. The bandwidth is quite narrow on 80m, and it is easier to use a tuner rather than keep retuning the antenna as you move up and down the band.
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