TS-5118 VHF Transciever

This is a small handheld 2m radio. It came as a "freebie" with another radio I bought. It is small and compact, but a pain to program.

From the manufacturers website, they tell us:

Specifications/Special Features:

  • DTMF double audio frequency unit code functions are available
  • Choice calling, group calling and dialing functions are not available
  • Can set 15 memory channels, use phase lock loop frequency synthesis and
  • frequency stable is high
  • Micro computer control, simple menu and easy operation
  • LCD display against the light is easy to operate at night
  • Earphone lift function, convenient to listen the dialogues
  • All channel scanning, setting function for co-channel, un-channel and
  • dis-channel
  • Frequency band: UHF
  • Frequency range: 450 to 470MHz
  • Output power: 2.5W
  • Frequency number: 100
  • Distortion of audio frequency: <=5%
  • Tolerance of carrier wave: 5ppm
  • Maximum frequecy deviation: <=5KHz
  • Noise radiation: above 60dB
  • Power of adjacent channel: above 60dB.
  • Reference sensitivity: above 0.20
  • Squelch sensitivity: above 0.15V
  • Selectivity of adjacent channel: above:60dB
  • Stray noise assistance: above 60dB
  • Inter modulate noise assistance: above 60dB
  • Stand by current: 40mA(15mA in power saving condition)
  • Transmitting current: 1.2A
  • Supple voltage: 6.0V
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